• We can't go back to yesterday

    "We can't go back to yesterday", 12x16 inches. Watercolor and graphite. 2016.

    You keep looking behind you, to get back to this moment. When your heart was full, you had more money, you were more naive. But looking back, at that period in time, is only keeping you from building something better. Don’t use that as your measurement for greatness. 

    You can stand taller, reach farther, more assertive, be more vulnerable. Even when you know you’re going to get stung again. But that willingness to be hurt, to be vulnerable, is strong and beautiful. I hope you recognize your worth. If you don’t, allow yourself to take opportunities you don’t think you’re good enough for. 

    Make friends with people who seem cooler than you. They might be thinking the same thing about you, honestly. That you’re too cool for them. And while we’re being honest. Ditch those friends who you’re constantly there for, but aren’t there for you on the small chance you ask for help.

    You’ll ache for a while, be a bit lonely. But once you start to realize what you need, better people will come to your life. Make a new measuring stick, make a better life. You’ve outgrown your old one.

    (Pssst, this is my piece for “Camp is a Tender Feeling”. So if you’re in Montreal in July, please attend our Camp gallery/ pop up shop. I'll also have small prints and a selection of enamel pins!)

  • Wishcandy x Society6: Feelings are Punk

    My interview on Society6 is up! I'm internally screamiiiiiinnnggg. 💗  Leanna Robinson and I talk about the art world, art school, race, gender, sex, class. And a bit of their intersections. 📷  by Lauren Crow​ :D 

    “I want to project the idea that vulnerability is strength.”

    Read here and snag yourself some prints. “Feelings Are Punk: How Wishcandy Redefines the Feminine” 

    (A huge thank you to Nada Alic, Leanna Robinson, and Lauren Crow to make this possible. Enjoyed working with you.)

  • I want you to fail

    Everything you create must be life changing. The best thing anyone has ever made. Something people will write about, praise you for, and roll money into your bank account. You will be an innovator. 

    Here’s why that’s complete bullshit. Making mistakes is fantastic! We can create if we don't think hard, for hours and hours. You might come up with something funny, charming, or beautiful in a few minutes. Once you’re relaxed.

    When you start to think about what people will think of you (or what you want to get out of it). This thing you want to create has to be perfect right? When you focus on the result, rather than the present moment, you become stuck.

    Perfection is a trap that kills your creativity. It creates fear. You become immobile.

    Suddenly incapable of creating, even if you’ve done it your whole life. Please, give yourself permission to fail. Give yourself permission to fail a lot. You might learn something. It might lead you to something stunning by accident. But when you count on it, you won’t make anything.

    So go out there and start failing. Just start. Now.

  • Notes from the waiting room

    "Notes from the waiting room" is my first official Wishcandy zine. 12 pages of art and notes on power, strength, vulnerability, love, and desire. 

    Now available digitally or physically (limited first edition of 75.) The cover is done with a sparkly pink pearl paper, and bound in irridescent/ metallic thread.

    Also included in a small amount of "Wishcandy Starter Packs" which include the zine, High Anxiety Sticker Pack (3 waterproof vinyl stickers), and the Wishcandy Classics Postcard set (6 large 5x7 inch limited edition postcards). All for $25, 36% off original retail. 

    Tell your friends. ♥ xo

  • RIDE show

    "Blow me", watercolor and graphite. 12x16 inches, 2015.

    Was super excited to create this for "RIDE", a show of things riding things curated by the amazing Martin Ontiveros. My first Food Erotica piece in a year! Currently showing over at Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. Through September 27th.

    Opening was super fun! Martin made a rideable creature for a photobooth. My rad studiomates Morgaine Faye and Kungfu Toast were in it, as well as Oliver Hibert, Jennifer Parks, and too many cool people to list off. Go take a look if you're in town.

    Purchasing inquiries can be directed to the gallery here

  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

    I'm a huge fan of the Vengeance trilogy by Chan-wook Park, comprised of this film, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Old Boy. The latter is probably the most well known, but Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is my absolute favorite.

    A story about a young mother who gets blackmailed into taking the blame for a kidnapping and murder. Ultimately spending a chunk of her life in prison, getting free, then taking revenge. She doesn't just seek to kill him. 

    SPOILERS!: She infiltrates his entire life and creates a grand scheme, way more satisfying than simply killing him herself. END OF SPOILER!

    Watching her evolve from obeying societal rules, inextricably linked to asian womanhood. Then move on to doing what she wants, but still having moments of doubt and guilt. Her transformation and growth is reflected in wardrobe and color symbolism. Used as a fantastic plot device rather than a superficial last minute thought.

    The writing is incredible, the whole time i'm rooting for her. Rejoicing in her wins, and willing to throw punches (in my head) at the antagonists. The sideplots are incredible too: miscommunication between her and her daughter, a clueless bakery employee, her relationships between her jailmates and her bakery boss.

    Admittedly have a weak spot for food in film. So i'll leave you with this cake. Highly reccommend this film over the other two, if you only pick one from the trilogy. But once you see this, you'll be compelled to pursue Chan-wook Park's body of work. I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok is next on my list.


  • I see you now

    "I see you now", watercolor, graphite, and colored pencils. 9x12 inches; 2015. 

    You don’t own anyone anything. It’s okay to stop being friends with people who no longer suit your life, holding you back from growth. Toxicity and energy vampires. People who wave the flag of allyship, but continuously get pissy when you call them on their words and actions. 

    We don’t grow at the same rates, and that’s okay. No relationship is forever. Make room in your life for people who will value you, help each other move forward in life. Learn what you need and go get it. ♥

    Now available in my shop.

  • I'm still here

    Been extremely quiet this year, finally getting back to work. Basically sharpening my art claws. Surrounding myself with inspiration. Music, film, experiences. Looking to get back to life, explore more mediums.

    Extremely happy with the pattern on pattern love here. Look out for more new work from me. Never miss an update, follow me on instagram (@wishcandy) or on Bloglovin'.


  • Tokyo!

    Ecstatic to take part in my first group show in Tokyo! I'll be showing a five of my works at Space Space Gallery on May 30th at 6PM! The show is called Girls Room. The artist list is to be announced here.

    It's a show "dedicated to freedom of expression and showcasing artists who aren't afraid to push boundaries. [The show] is a collection of female artists whose work explore gender, sexuality, identity, and relationships with the body."

    If you're nearby Tokyo, or will be visiting. Go check it out! Tell your friends. ♥

    (Image: Dazed. Mixed media, 2014.)

  • Post-it drawings

    Been making a bunch of Post-it drawings this past year. Very calming, in between different projects. Especially while I was moving, not having a studio space. You make do.

    I put them up in the shop so you can take one or two home! They'll do much better in your studio space, above your study desk, inspiring you to do your best. Rather than them going unseen inside a sketchbook in a drawer over here.

    They're over at Big Cartel, go take a look! ♥