• I want you to fail

    Everything you create must be life changing. The best thing anyone has ever made. Something people will write about, praise you for, and roll money into your bank account. You will be an innovator. 

    Here’s why that’s complete bullshit. Making mistakes is fantastic! We can create if we don't think hard, for hours and hours. You might come up with something funny, charming, or beautiful in a few minutes. Once you’re relaxed.

    When you start to think about what people will think of you (or what you want to get out of it). This thing you want to create has to be perfect right? When you focus on the result, rather than the present moment, you become stuck.

    Perfection is a trap that kills your creativity. It creates fear. You become immobile.

    Suddenly incapable of creating, even if you’ve done it your whole life. Please, give yourself permission to fail. Give yourself permission to fail a lot. You might learn something. It might lead you to something stunning by accident. But when you count on it, you won’t make anything.

    So go out there and start failing. Just start. Now.