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  • Notes from the waiting room

    "Notes from the waiting room" is my first official Wishcandy zine. 12 pages of art and notes on power, strength, vulnerability, love, and desire. 

    Now available digitally or physically (limited first edition of 75.) The cover is done with a sparkly pink pearl paper, and bound in irridescent/ metallic thread.

    Also included in a small amount of "Wishcandy Starter Packs" which include the zine, High Anxiety Sticker Pack (3 waterproof vinyl stickers), and the Wishcandy Classics Postcard set (6 large 5x7 inch limited edition postcards). All for $25, 36% off original retail. 

    Tell your friends. ♥ xo

  • RIDE show

    "Blow me", watercolor and graphite. 12x16 inches, 2015.

    Was super excited to create this for "RIDE", a show of things riding things curated by the amazing Martin Ontiveros. My first Food Erotica piece in a year! Currently showing over at Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. Through September 27th.

    Opening was super fun! Martin made a rideable creature for a photobooth. My rad studiomates Morgaine Faye and Kungfu Toast were in it, as well as Oliver Hibert, Jennifer Parks, and too many cool people to list off. Go take a look if you're in town.

    Purchasing inquiries can be directed to the gallery here