• Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

    Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

    Red hoodie, a nod to Little Red Riding Hood. A woman lost in society, becomes literally lost in the frozen scenery of a foreign Minnesota, USA. Chasing after her treasure like a confused Don Quixote. 

    Kumiko is out one day and she discovers a VHS tape, which happens to be distorted and damaged from being hidden in the sand of a damp cave-like tunnel. A very narrow entrance, where you could say this is where she’s being born into a new world. She becomes fixated by the tape, using it as an escape. Firmly believing that Fargo, the Coen Brothers movie, is somehow a treasure map.

    She even makes an embroidered map (of the fence where Buscemi buries the suitcase). Brings it with her to the USA and recklessly makes a voyage for riches. She risks a lot, i won’t say what, i won’t spoil it. But her delusional tenacity makes me cringe and fill me with a sense of wonder at the same time.

    Kumiko is relatable to someone who is a bit socially awkward and listless. Before her voyage she runs into a woman on the street claiming they hadn’t seen each other in a while. The woman demands her phone number. While Kumiko is quiet and seemingly hesitant, the over bearing woman begins to make a stabbing motion with her phone. Stabbing Kumiko’s stomach, which made me laugh uncomfortably. Recognizing it as an action of someone you’re close to, rather than someone you’re not. 

    The film gives you adequate time to contemplate everything. It moves slow, but i appreciated the time for reflection. Why aren’t we supposed to honestly tell someone we’re not interested in exchanging numbers? Doesn’t everyone chase things that seem ridiculous at some point? Does she have anything else to chase? Does society care if we fulfill ourselves unless it’s a financial pursuit? Do people want us to be just like them so they don’t have to question their choices?

    This isn’t a sunny movie, so if you don’t like asking questions, you might want to watch something else. Though there is a cute pet bunny in the film. Totally worth it.

  • Thankful and ready to fuck up some more

    I'm extremely thankful for this year. And last year. January 2013 I got diagnosed with a chronic illness, and everything since then was a big dizzying blur. A lot of doctors visits, her misguided advice, unending self research. Personal drama.

    Two years later, i'm still standing. Feeling a bit better. Moved from around LA to a cool Portland neighborhood. In a house full of artists i get along with very well. I'm finally looking forward again, while simultaneously enjoying the moment.

    Ready to get back to making art everyday again. No more starting and stopping, starting and stopping. Refuse to let drama and health get in my way. Have a decent amount of moral support here (hiiii!) and looking forward to meeting even more potential friends.

    Let's actually work towards our dreams! Fuck perfection, make art! ♥

    (I also want to thank Jeff Hamada from Booooooom for his constant interest and posting of my work. Every post and kind word is appreciated, makes me feel like creating more. Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot for also showing interest and continuously inviting me to take part in such wonderful shows!

    And lastly the people who made my stay in California fun. Was pretty zonked out a lot of the times. But people would still invite me places, exchange stories with me, and keep pouring wine or water in my glass. I'll be back soon.)