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Artist Statement:

My work is a double-edged sword. It's bright, colorful, and fun but it tackles darker subjects. I enjoy exploring both the beautiful and the grotesque. They're not mutually exclusive.

I'm currently creating work based on juxtapozing opposites, listening to the subconcious, and emotions. Some of the themes include rebellion, ridiculousness, indulgence, restriction, sadness, violence, and feminity. Slowly a world of sassy young ladies is being formed on the Confetti Planet. It's definitely semi-autobiographical, powerfully packed with metaphors and a sense of humor!


2010, BA in Art + Design, Towson University. Concentration in illustration and painting. (Also practiced Graphic Design and Bookmaking).

Upcoming Exhibitions:


Select Exhibitions and Appearances:

1/ 2017, "What does our future hold?", London, UK.

10/ 2016, "Coaster Show", Nucleus Portland, Portland, OR.

7/ 2016, "Camp is a Tender Feeling", Camp Gallery, Montréal, Canada.

7/ 2016, "Summer Pals", Camp Gallery, Montréal, Canada.

8/ 2016, "Eat Me", Junior High, LA.

11/ 2015, "Girlhood 2", Union Club Hotel (upstairs), Fitzroy, Australia.

12/ 2015, "Post-It Show XI", Giant Robot, LA.

12/ 2015, "Krampus", Pony Club Gallery, Portland, OR.

11/ 2015, "The Cat's Meow", Pony Club Gallery, Portland, OR.

9/ 2015, "RIDE", Pony Club Gallery, Portland, OR.

5/ 2015, "Girls room", Space Space, Tokyo, Japan.

2/ 2015, "Love me not", Pony Club Gallery, Portland, OR.

12/ 2014, "Multimatter", Giant Robot, LA.

12/ 2014, "Post-It Show X", Giant Robot, LA.

11/ 2014, "Pardon my french," Marcas Gallery, Santa Ana, CA.

06/2014, "The Scribble Project: Exhibiton and Doodling Space", City Library Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

08/2014, "Heads will roll", Coagula Curatorial, LA.

03/2014, "GOLD BLOOD, MAGIC WEIRDOS," Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

12/2013, "Post-it Show 9," Giant Robot, LA.

04/2013, "Draw", Auguste Clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

03/2013, "Banana Split Ladies," Leanna Lin's Wonderland, LA.

03/2013, "Girls vs. Boys," Bear and Bird, Lauderhill, FL.

01/2013, "Sketchbook show," Ashmore Gallery, Savannah, GA.

12/2012, "Post-it Show 8," Giant Robot, LA.

11/2012, "Printed Matter 8," Giant Robot, LA.

03/2012, "Pizza Show," Pony Club Gallery, Portland.

03/2012, "Women of Art," exhibition and panel discussion, Anne Arundel Community College.

01/2012, "Year of the Dragon," Giant Robot, LA.

01/2012, "Printed Matter 7," Giant Robot, LA.

10/2011, "Monsterbation 2," Pony Club Gallery, Portland.

04/2011, Art Lecture, Anne Arundel Community College.

11/2010, "The End," Compound gallery, Portland.

10/2010. "Monsterbation," Pony Club Gallery, Portland.

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Featured on JuxtapozBooooooomBeautiful/ DecayBustSupersonic ElectronicCURVYTASCHEN's Illustration NOW 5BuzzfeedSociety6, and more.