Hello! I'm Wishcandy, or Sashiko Yuen (whichever you prefer!) A restless nomad currently in Baltimore, Maryland. My work is essentially a sassy candy-coated horror show. It's full of compassion, eroticism, violence, and the search for freedom. Inspired by street fashion, film, retro culture, art history, and life. 

At any given moment you could imagine I'm mentally recording color palettes around me, creating new art, or slaying zombies with my friends behind closed doors. Currently building up a world of paintings and illustration, as well as looking for gallery shows.

Featured on JuxtapozBooooooomBeautiful/ DecayBustSupersonic ElectronicCURVYTASCHEN's Illustration NOW 5BuzzfeedSociety6, and more.

I'm available to work with like-minded illustration/ art clients as well as people seeking personal commissions. Feel free to contact me, we can talk about candy, travel, or the latest horror movie you saw!


(Photos by Lauren Crow; Courtesy of Society6)